We protect and manage the confidentiality of personal information in a Japanese law of the protection of personal information and related laws, and also these guide lines.

1. Personal information acquisition
We acquire personal information to the extent necessary to our business, in a legal and in a fair manner.

2. Purpose of use of personal information
We use personal information which we acquire by any kind of application such as contract, inquiry, questionnaire and requirement, for the following purposes.

① Freezing contract, collection of claim, fulfillment of obligation, formation and maintenance of facilities and asset, development and improvement of commercial products and service, delivering message related commercial products and service through direct-mail and any other attending business to the extent necessary.
② Knowing sale trend and researching market using data of aggregate analysis of personal information

3. Disclosure, correction, suspending of Personal information
In case principal requires disclosure, correction, adding, deletion and suspending of personal information by reason of impropriety of contents of the personal information which we possess, when we admit the requirement to be reasonable, we correct the personal information as soon as possible, to the extent necessary limits in order to correct the breach, except a reason as set forth in the law.

4. When you have questions, claim, or you would like to raise an opposition, feel free to get in touch with the following our contact.